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SBR Polymer Modified Screed - high performance levelling screed
SBR Polymer Modified ScreedA screed with a synthetic polymer resin


Our SBR polymer modified levelling screed was developed with the inclusion of a synthetic polymer resin to give increased toughness and bond properties. Shrinkage and cracking is minimised, permeability is reduced and flexural strength is improved. This screed can provide high performance at thinner levels when normal minimum thickness cannot be achieved.

SBR polymer screed benefits

  • Factory mixed to give accurate dispersion of cement and polymer
  • Conforms to the requirements of BS EN 13813
  • Minimises shrinkage/cracking
  • Improves flexural strength
  • Reduced permeability
  • Better impact/abrasion resistance against site traffic
  • Improved performance for thinner, bonded screeds where normal minimum thicknesses cannot be achieved
  • Light foot traffic - 4 days
  • Site traffic - 7 days


    SBR polymer screed delivery

    Bulk loads in tipper road trucks generally up to 10/20 tonnes or 7-8 tonne steel skips (where available). The skips reduce wastage, and prevent contamination.

SBR polymer screed applications

Refurbishment work and for thinner, well-bonded levelling screeds over suitable prepared concrete where it is impossible to achieve normal minimum thicknesses

Solid concrete ground floor slabs:

  • directly in contact with the slab (unbonded or bonded)
  • with suitable damp proof membrane between slab and screed (unbonded)
  • over an insulating layer to isolate the screed from the base (floating)

Pre-cast concrete units or beams with reinforcement

In-situ suspended floors


SBR polymer screed downloads



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