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Chippings and Garden Gravel - perfect for gravel drivewaysChippings and gravel add an interesting dimension to garden design. Offering soft and subtle colour when dry to complement a summer garden and become vibrant and glossy when wet adding warmth and depth through winter.


To download the decorative aggregates Safety Data Sheet, please click on the link below:

Decorative Aggregates Safety Data Sheet (pdf) 


  •  Autumn Gold - perfect for gravel driveways

    Autumn Gold (10mm)
    Sandy amber flakes and chips combine to create a warm, honey mix of tones with interesting variations in shape and size. It’s softly matte in the sunshine but sparkles in the rain. Great for blending in over the summer and adding winter colour.

  •  Cantebury Spar chippings and gravel

    Canterbury Spar (10mm)
    Light and pretty, this delicate pink and white blend has fine pieces and flecks of deeper colour. It’s perfect for creating contrast, adding lots of eye-catching interest all year round. Dusty rose on dry days and sparky bright in the rain.

  •  Red Chippings - highly popular decorative aggregate

    Red Chippings (14mm)
    Out and out red, these striking stones add a bold splash of warm, brick colour to your garden. Dusty soft in the sun and vibrant in the rain, they’ve a rough, chunky feel that’s great for creating contemporary looks. Classic and striking garden gravel.

  •  Merrygold Grit - traditional gravel mix

    Merrygold Grit (6mm)
    Warm, sandy and summery, the tiny pebbles and flakes in our merrygold grit add rich colour to gardens. In yellows, browns and creams, they’ve a soft, subtle look when they’re dry and a vibrant gloss when they’re wet. Popular in gravel driveways.

  •  Cheshire Pink - chippings and gravel

    Cheshire Pink (20mm)
    Chunky rose and brick coloured chips with interesting flecks and seams make our Cheshire pink a warm, natural mix. It looks perfect in both traditional and modern settings, adding deep colour and great texture.

  •  Yorkhshire Cream - luxury gravel

    Yorkshire Cream (20mm)
    Soft greys and creams combine with occasional sandy flecks in a beautifully light mix that looks great in both traditional and modern settings. Brighter that our southern gold chips, it contrasts with plants, defining drives, paths and pots.

  •  White Dolomite - premium decorative chippings

    White Dolomite (10mm)
    Simple and beautiful, these large white chips have instant impact, wherever you lay them, and a classic softness that makes them feel premium. Bright in the sunshine and sparkling in the rain, they’re ideal for defining paths and borders.

  •  Pea Gravel - multi purpose garden gravel

    Pea Gravel (10mm)
    An ever-popular mix of greys, browns and creams, pea gravel’s a traditional favourite that’s subtle when dry and vibrant when wet. As with all our chippings and gravel, it adds colour in winter and blends in with the garden in summer.

  •  Brown and Beige - traditionaal garden gravel and chippings

    Brown & Beige (14mm)
    A warm, rounded, pebbly mix, brown and beige is chunkier than traditional pea gravel, with a slightly deeper tone. Matte in the sunshine and glossy in the rain, it’s beautifully natural all summer, adding interest in winter.

  •  Cotswold Stone - stunning garden chippings and gravel

    Cotswold Stone (20mm)
    Creamy white and really simple, these large chips really stand out, creating contrasts and lightness throughout your garden. Whether you’re defining paths and borders or highlighting pots, they’ll be bright in the sunlight and shiny in the rain.

  •  Green Basalt - beautiful decorative chippings

    Green Basalt (20mm)
    Tiny chips of rich sage green blend in to create a lush look all summer and a deep, distinctive pool of colour in the winter. They’re subtle on sunny days and beautifully glossy when it rains.

  •  Derbyshire Peak Stone - perfect for gravel driveways

    Derbyshire Peak Stone (14mm)
    Rugged grey and rather dramatic, our peakstone is incredible versatile. In the right setting it’s really traditional, but use it with minimal planting and you’ve got a completely contemporary look. Soft in the sun, stunning in the rain.

  •  Southern Gold - perfect for gravel driveways

    Southern Gold (20mm)
    Warm flinty chips of sandy gold, soft grey and cream give this mix a summery, beachy feel that adds lightness wherever you use it. A little paler than our autumn gold blend, it’s bright in the sun and shiny in the rain. Stunning garden gravel.

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