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Instant Sub Base - binding soil stabiliser ideal for a patio sub base


Instant Sub Base - Soil Stabiliser ideal for creating a patio sub base or paving sub baseGetting rid of excavated soil when preparing the ground to lay paving slabs or a shed base can be both time-consuming and expensive. Instant Sub Base helps to eliminate these problems by acting as a soil stabiliser to recycle the excavated the creating a stable ground to build upon and reducing the need for hollow core or heavy-duty gravel.

Easy to use, you simply mix the displaced earth with the Instant Sub Base then back-fill compacting the ground as you go to create a firm, flat surface. The perfect patio sub base or paving sub base. Now you’re ready to lay your slabs or shed base.

Available in 20kg bags.
Pick it up now at your local B&Q TradePoint or order from the TradePoint catalogue,
or call to become a stockist of Tarmac Instant Sub Base for soil stabilisation.

Instant Sub Base benefits

  • Perfect patio sub base
  • Fast and strong soil stabilisation
  • Stabilises existing soil so no need for excavating 
  • Easy to use - simply mix with displaced soil
  • Low cost - no need for hollow core or heavy duty gravel
  • Increased productivity - faster projects
  • Highly Versatile
  • Sustainable - recycles excavated soil


Instant Sub Base applications

  • Patio sub base
  • Paving sub base
  • Other garden soil stabilisation projects
  • Usage in light rain (not heavy rain or in flooded areas)

Instant Sub Base performance

  • Typical Coverage per 20kg: 4m2 at 100mm depth
  • Usage between 5oC and 35o
  • Not suitable for use in clay soil areas
  • Only for use in light foot traffic areas (e.g. patios and paths)





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