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Coloured Mortar

Tarmac Building Products manufactures over 100 shades of coloured mortar, and can colour match any existing mortar already used previously on a project. Because our mortar is factory produced the colour will always be exactly the same, no matter how many batches you require.

Benefits of coloured mortar

Using fast rail loading facilities, we can supply aggregates from some of our larger quarries to major customers and depots efficiently, with minimum impact on the local environment.

  • Coloured mortar is available in a dry silo mortar or ready mixed
  • Colour match any existing mortar already used
  • 100% synthetic iron oxide pigments
  • No fade or wash out
  • Over 100 different shades of mortar available
  • Immediate kerbside appeal and contrast from surroundings
  • Unrestricted creativity

Sample bags are available upon request. For colour accuracy, we strongly recommend building a sample panel prior to bulk ordering (failure to do so may result in colour variation). 

Range of Tarmac Coloured Mortars

  • Various shades of Black mortar
  • Various shades of Brown mortar
  • Various shades of Red mortar
  • Khaki mortar
  • Lilac mortar
  • Yellow mortar Please contact us to enquire about your options for coloured mortars.




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