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Durox Thin Joint System


Durox Thin Joint System - Fast Build Masonry Construction 

Thin joint blockwork

Durox System is a fast-build method of masonry construction suited to all types of buildings. It is a versatile building technique that is recognised as a modern method of construction. Durox System combines high quality dimensionally accurate aircrete blocks with a specially formulated quick-setting thin layer mortar.




Durox Thin Joint working dimensions

System blocks are 620mm long x 100 - 215mm (various widths) x 214 or 299mm high.


Specification for System 500, 600 and 700 blocks:

Manufactured to EN 771-4


Mean compressive strength:

  • System 500 - 3.6N/mm²
  • System 600 - 4.2N/mm²
  • System 700 - 7.3N/mm²


Gross dry density:

  • System 500 - 460kg/m³
  • System 600 - 630 kg/m³
  • System 700 - 680 kg/m³


Thermal conductivity (at 3% moisture content):

  • System 500 - 0.11W/mK
  • System 600 - 0.16W/mK
  • System 700 - 0.19W/mK


Durox Thin Joint sizes and weights

Unit Weight (Kg)
Block width (mm) 100 125 140 200 215
System 500 -214 Coursing height 6.3* 7.7 8.8 12.6* 13.5
System 500 - 299 Coursing height 8.8* 11.0 12.3 - 18.9
System 600 -214 Coursing height 8.6* 10.8 12.1 - 18.5
System 600 -299 Coursing height 12.0* 15.1 16.8 - -
System 700 - 214 Coursing height 9.3 - 13.0 18.5 20.0
System 700 - 299 Coursing height 13.0 - 18.2 - -


*Stock items and other sizes are normally available within 3 weeks subject to minimum quantities.
Unit weights are approximate and based on 3% moisture content
Tolerance to EN 771-4: Height +2/-2mm
Availability is subject to minimum quantities and 3 weeks notice.


Technical Support

If you would like to speak to our Technical Services team:

Phone: 0870 242 1489

Email: technical.services@tarmacbp.co.uk


Durox Overview Video

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Benefits of Durox Thin Joint

  • Building faster using Durox System, whether it is a housing or commercial project, can result in construction times equivalent to off-site methods.
  • The build quality has the potential to improve the performance of the building in areas such as air tightness and sound insulation as well as providing an accurate substrate benefiting finishing trades as well as the installation of thermal insulation material.
  • Maximum design flexibility to suit the requirements different plan forms, awkward sites and individual projects.

Environmental performance of Durox Thin Joint

Durox System is manufactured under an ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management System that is independently certified by BSI. Summary green guide ratings applicable to Durox aircrete blocks can be found in the BRE Green Guide to Specification www.thegreenguide.org.uk.

Durox Thin joint applications

  • Durox System can be used to construct solid or cavity external walls, separating walls and internal walls.
  • With improving standards of thermal insulation there is pressure to conserve valuable wall space. The use of Durox System with external insulation is emerging as a viable and cost effective way of constructing solid external walls capable of meeting any specified level of thermal performance.

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