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Durox Supabloc Aircrete Blocks - high thermal insulation


Durox Supabloc - Lightweight Aircrete Block 

Durox Supabloc are the most versatile aircrete blocks available. These lightwieght aerated concrete blocks provide the best combination of compressive strength and low thermal conductivity. They also achieve the acoustic performance standards required by Building Regulations for internal walls in dwellings.


Durox Supabloc working dimensions

Face dimensions are 620mm long x 215mm high.

50mm Supabloc is available at a face size of 310mm long x 215mm high.


Block widths and weights

Block width (mm) 50 70 100 115 125 140 150 190 200 215
Unit weights (kg) 1.6 4.4 6.3 7.3 7.9 8.8 9.5 12.0 12.6 13.6
Laid weights (kg/m²) 29 39 55 64 69 77 83 105 111 119

*Unit and laid weights, which are given for design purposes, are approximate and calculated based on the specified dry density with a 3% moisture content by weight added to provide equilibrium weights.


Find out more about Durox Supabloc

For any questions about Durox Suplabloc - Lightweight Aircrete Blocks, please email: blocks@tarmac.co.uk


Durox Supabloc applications

  • Inner leaf of cavity walls
  • Outer leaf of cavity walls, suitably clad
  • Solid external walls, clad or rendered
  • Internal partitions
  • Foundation walls in soils up to Design Sulfate Class DS-2



Durox Supabloc Environmental performance

Supabloc lightweight blocks are manufactured under an ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management System that is independently certified by BSI. Summary green guide ratings applicable to Supabloc aircrete blocks can be found in the BRE Green Guide to Specification. www.thegreenguide.org.uk

Durox Supabloc specification

  • Mean compressive strength: 3.6N/mm²
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.11W/mK
  • Gross dry density: 460kg/m³
  • Reaction to fire: Class A1

Supabloc is manufactured to comply with EN 771-4 and conforms to Category 1 manufacturing control as specified in BS 5628-1.


Durox Supabloc downloads


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