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Following nearly two years in development we are delighted to announce that the U-CAN range of easy-to-use cementitious products by Tarmac Building Products Ltd is now on sale in all B&Q stores nationwide.

The U-CAN range represents a significant step forward in the convenience, speed and ease of use for consumers. DIY need no longer mean borrowing piles of tools and creating lots of mess - all U-CAN products can be mixed in and used from the packaging they are bought in.

Our 'mix in the bag' concretes and mortars, simply require water to be added to the bag, a quick mix, and the product is ready to be used in around 2 minutes. The bags also feature an easy-carry handle, the first of it's kind for bagged cement type products, which means the days of struggling to and from the car clutching dusty bags of concrete across your outstretched arms are a thing of the past.

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To make life even easier, each product is supported by a simple step-by-step YouTube video showing how to use the product and complete the task in hand. The videos can be found at www.u-can.tv - which takes you straight to the Official U-CAN Videos YouTube Channel, where you can share them with your friends, family and colleagues across Facebook and all your other social networks. They can also be found instantly using your smartphone, by scanning the special QR code found on each product and on the corresponding shelf-edge price stickers in every B&Q store.

The U-CAN range can be found in the 'Building Yard' area of all B&Q stores nationwide, and the launch will be supported by further marketing campaigns in 2012 - details of which I will share with you nearer the time.


Visit the U-CAN Youtube video channel now at www.u-can.tv

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